6 Advanced Extemp Drills

Last time we gave you 6 drills for impromptu speaking, and now we’re back for extemp. Here are 6 ways to modify your extemp practice so that you can hone in on specific weaknesses. Drills are in order of ascending difficulty.

Piranha Pack

After the speech, multiple club members or peers will take turns cross-examining the speaker until they run out of questions. Tests topic knowledge, logical analysis, and of course cross-ex skills.

Obscure Only

Students are given three topics on areas they are unlikely to have prior knowledge of. That means avoiding topics with words like Trump, Brexit, or Middle East. Develops well-rounded research and strong delivery while removing the crutches of familiarity. Best for advanced students.


  • Is President Mnangagwa worse for Zimbabwe than former president Mugabe?

  • Should the central bank in Ghana set a lower CPI target?

  • Why is China building a space station in Argentina?

The Lawyer

During the speech, the judges are allowed to interrupt the speaker and ask questions at any time. Develops nuance and discourages audience pandering.

The Decagon

Speakers are required to utilize 10 unique sources during their speech. Sources must be clearly delineated and cannot be applied to the same reference twice. For example, you could not simply use three sources to refer to the same death count of an earthquake. However, you could use one for the death count, a second one to estimate economic damages, and a third to introduce a quotation from a survivor. Develops research skill and punishes single-source reliance.


The speaker is required to take at least one position in their speech that would most likely conflict with the political views of their audience. Develops persuasive abilities.

5 Minute Prep

The speaker is allowed only 5 minutes of preparation time. Develops prep efficiency and delivery skill.