Announcing Camp Thunderbolt 2.0

I’m excited to announce my return to Seattle for Camp Thunderbolt 2.0.

We had an outstanding group of students in November, and now I’m ready to take all of you to the next level. This camp is going to be packed with exciting content that I’ve never taught in a camp setting before.

What’s it going to be like?

The camp will focus much more on strategy and persuasion as we begin to near the end of the season. We chose March 15-16th because it’s two weeks before The Evergreen Classic: a 3-day tournament held in Maryville, WA. Get ready to cover topics like these!

  • Strategy: Minimalist Refutation

  • 3D CX: Generating the Right Questions

  • Persuasion: Developing the Thematic Core

  • Speaker Personas: Trading Hats

  • Crushing with Voting Issues

And many more. Register for Camp Thunderbolt 2.0 here.

Joseph AbellComment