15 Practice Debate Resolutions (#13)


  1. Christmas is the best holiday.

  2. Welfare programs are immoral.

  3. Humility is the most important virtue.

  4. Nihilism is reasonable.

  5. Learning to read is more important than learning to speak.


  1. An independent candidate will win the US presidential election within the next 20 years.

  2. The death penalty will one day be declared unconstitutional in the United States.

  3. Sugar is deadlier than nicotine.

  4. Violent media significantly increases violent tendencies in humans.

  5. The US criminal justice system contains significant racial bias.


  1. The US should be significantly more isolationist.

  2. Due process should be overhauled.

  3. The US federal government should reform its policy toward veterans.

  4. The US should sanction Saudi Arabia.

  5. The US should take significant action against the nation of Venezuela.