12 Parli Resolutions from Green Country Challenge

I was hired by tournament staff to write the Parli resolutions, impromptu topics, and extemp questions for the recent Green Country Challenge tournament in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here are the parli resolutions utilized at the tournament, available for your practice!

Tournament staff: I would love to help write resolutions for your tournament. Contact me at drew@acepeak.org if you’re interested.


Nuclear energy has more potential than green energy.

Electric scooters should be banned from public roads.

Representative democracy is not the best form of government.

Children under the age of 15 shouldn’t own smartphones.

The United States Federal Government should significantly increase regulation of fast food companies.

Military conscription is immoral.

Coding should be taught in public high schools.

Tolerance is desirable.

The United States Federal Government should take military action against a nation.


The use of nuclear weapons is never justified.

Corporations have a responsibility to society.

The United States should institute a legal duty to rescue.