Announcing Camp Cyclone - Summer

Last fall, we worked with close to 40 students in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here’s what they said:

  • “This is my third time going to Ace Peak camps and they are so helpful and the coaches are very understanding. I learned so much.” - Phoebe S.

  • It’s just crazy how much you learn! You think you know something but then they show you a whole new way. If you do it, you won’t regret it!” - Hannah B.

  • “The teaching was amazing. Debate was presented clearer than I’ve had it presented in a class before.” - Samantha J.

This summer, we’re coming back. On August 12th-14th, Joseph and I will be leading NCFCA and Stoa debate students in every format and experience level to the pinnacle of excellence.

Come prepared for a life-changing experience. Leave all of your notions for what a debate camp can be at the door.

Register before May 1st and take advantage of our early-bird pricing! Students can attend all three days for $150 and bring their siblings for $30 off. Register for camp here.