In Summary: Camp Thunderbolt

“Ace Peak Camp will change your debate career. You will re-learn things you thought you knew, learn about things you didn’t even know existed, and get more passion for speech and debate than you ever had before. This camp taught me so much debate theory and skills, but more than that it taught me to have a passion for debate and how to reach towards and grasp that passion. This camp taught me skills and ideas that I will remember for the rest of my life. Drew and Joseph are AMAZING! And I know much of my success this year will be accredited to them (along with my parents and other coaches).” -Madison T.

Learning in the Fast Lane

Camp Thunderbolt was Ace Peak’s second public workshop of the competitive season. We brought in 27 students from the Seattle area, some of which would commute roughly 2 hours each morning and take a ferry in the icy cold just to get to camp at 9am. Talk about dedication!

Our Seattle students are a great illustration of what Ace Peak can do in the long-term. Many of our camps we see new students, but in Washington, most of the students that showed up had been getting coaching from us for months.

The result? Brand new content, a heavy emphasis on drills, and a whole lot of growth. We were able to brush up on the basics within a few hours, and then dive immediately into never-before-seen lectures. It was fantastic to see them learn.

Universally Positive Feedback

We want students to leave camp with more than just skill, but also a passion for self-improvement. To that end, Drew and I lead by example, and ask students to offer us any criticism so that we can make camp even better in subsequent visits.

This time, 27 students filled out feedback forms. All 27 of them gave us five stars.

Seattle, we’ll be back in the spring. Until then, enjoy tournament season: Drew and I are cheering you on.