Base Camp Updates

Base Camp 2019 Flyer.png


This is it.

In six weeks, Stoa’s National Championship commences. Hundreds of students will walk onto DBU’s campus for the most competitive tournament of the year.

NITOC represents everything you’ve worked for. Drew and I don’t just want you to do better than you did at the beginning of the season.

We want you to crush it.

That’s why we’re running Base Camp: the ultimate NITOC prep camp.

Base Camp is for ambitious competitors. It’s designed to bring a select number of students to peak performance so that they enter Nationals at their very best. Here’s a rundown of our updates.

The First Meeting

On May 2nd, we are holding our first webinar for Base Camp students. This comes complimentary with your registration and is designed to give you a preparation guide in the weeks leading up to Nationals. If you sign up after May 1st, you’ll miss the webinar. Sign up as soon as you can in order to get the full Base Camp experience!

Registration Closes

Registration for Base Camp closes on May 9th. We’re also capping the total number of students in order to ensure personal interaction with each competitor. We may hit that cap and close registration at any given time with no notice. Don’t miss out!

Register here.

We’re going to make this NITOC the best one Stoa’s seen.