Base Camp - Afternoon Track

Base Camp - Afternoon Track

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NITOC 2019 is the most important tournament of the year. It represents everything you’ve worked for all season: which is why we want you to enter your first round of competition as an unstoppable force. Base Camp is bringing a select number of competitors from across the nation to prepare for Stoa’s National Championship. Coaches Joseph Abell and Drew Magness are joined by assistant coach Sam Woodell, the national TP champion of NITOC 2018.

All Base Camp students will be given a complimentary 90 minute webinar led by Joseph Abell in the month leading up to Nationals. You’ll get the chance to make friends with the other students in your track, and Joseph will walk you through every step of your preparation so that you can hit Base Camp at full speed. This includes topics like:

  • Physiological Health: Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise

  • Maximizing Your Mental Game

  • Consistent Practice: Your NITOC Training Manual

We’ll also include a 30 minute Q&A in the webinar to answer any of your questions as you prepare for Nationals. Drew and I will be with you every step of the way. We want to see you succeed, and will stop at nothing to help you reach your goals.

Who: We’re calling the most dedicated students in Stoa for this exclusive NITOC preparation workshop. You’ll be sharpened in all styles of debate: LD, TP, and Parli.

Where: Thanks to the generosity of one of my business partners, we’ve secured a gorgeous office space 15 minutes from DBU for Base Camp. It’s at the following address: 801 W Irving Blvd, irving Texas 75060.

Schedule: Days 1 and 2 run 3:00-8:30pm. We’ll have separate tracks for LD and TP debaters. Day 3 is Parli, which will run 9am-4pm.

Food: Bring food to eat from 5:30-6:00pm on Days 1-2. On Day 3, bring a lunch to eat from 12-1pm.