18 Parli Resolutions from Shamrock Showdown

I was honored to write the parli resolutions for the March Shamrock Showdown tournament in Washington. Here are the topics round-by-round: each has a policy, value, and fact resolution to strike from.

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Round 1

  • Sea World should free its whales.

  • In iMessage, read receipts are better left off.

  • America is modern Rome.

Round 2

  • The United States should switch to the metric system.

  • It is better to lose one’s hands than one’s voice.

  • Samsung’s folding phone will fail.

Round 3

  • League of Legends should be an Olympic sport.

  • Art education is at least as important as STEM education.

  • Humans could live on Mars.

Round 4

  • The NCAA should allow student athletes to receive compensation.

  • This house is Spartacus. The year is 73 BC. This house should not rebel.

  • State lotteries do more good than harm.

Round 5

  • Governments should suppress hate speech.

  • Individuals have a moral obligation to serve the greater good.

  • Chemistry is the most difficult science.

Round 6

  • Television hosts should avoid interviewing psychics.

  • Kombucha is the best drink.

  • New Year’s Resolutions are counterproductive.