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  1. Honesty ought to be valued above kindness.

  2. Romantic love is more desirable than prosperity.

  3. Pirating media for entertainment is always wrong.

  4. Morality is an inappropriate framework for lawmaking.

  5. Hard drug use is morally neutral.

  6. The use of deadly force in defense of one’s personal property is moral.

  7. Lebron James is the greatest basketball player of all time.

  8. In politics individual ideals ought to take precedence over unity.

  9. The use of eminent domain is unjust.

  10. Beauty pageants are degrading.

  11. Apple Music is better than Spotify.

  12. The United States has a moral obligation to eradicate homelessness

  13. City life is better than country life.

  14. In leadership, it is better to be feared than loved.

  15. SUPREME products are worth the money.

  16. The world needs more sociologists than economists.

  17. Better to driver over the speed limit than under.

  18. Sweet tea is better than green tea.

  19. Guilt is never healthy.

  20. Ikea would make the perfect first date.

  21. In political leadership, character is more important than policy.

  22. Banning white supremacists from speaking at universities is inappropriate.

  23. Philosophy is more important than science.

  24. Genetic testing is desirable.

  25. America cares too much about sports.

  26. Banning major news networks from White House press conferences is inappropriate.

  27. Torture is never justified.

  28. Belief in Santa Claus hurts kids.

  29. Factory farming is immoral.

  30. College is overrated.

  31. The most valuable character trait is honesty.

  32. The use of Native Americans as athletic mascots is immoral.

  33. Big government is beneficial.

  34. Superstition can be a useful tool for decision making.

  35. Abraham Lincoln was the best United States president ever.

  36. The use of military conscription for non-defensive wars can be justified.

  37. Life is of secondary importance.

  38. Charity is a moral obligation.

  39. A government’s popularity determines its legitimacy.

  40. The highest duty of a citizen is to serve their country.

  41. Immigration is a human right.

  42. NASA should prioritize the Moon over Mars.

  43. Predictability is more important than novelty.

  44. Tony Stark is a villain.

  45. High taxation is a moral affront.

  46. Unwritten rules are good for baseball.

  47. Some situations morally require assassination.

  48. The Supreme Court of the United States holds too much power.

  49. Compassion ought to be valued above fairness.

  50. The criminal justice system should always consider defendants innocent until proven guilty.

  51. The purpose of government is to enforce moral law.

  52. Public safety emergencies justify temporary suspension of due process.

  53. Spiderman is a bad role model.

  54. Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete in US history.

  55. Genetic engineering of humans is morally acceptable.

  56. Governments ought to protect citizens from themselves.

  57. Governments have a moral obligation to limit wealth disparity among its citizens.

  58. Animal rights are a moral imperative.

  59. Excess is always immoral.

  60. The Chinese government ought to value environmental protection over economic growth.

  61. Aristotle was the greatest philosopher of all time.

  62. Signature drone strikes are immoral.

  63. Widely accepted moral standards are an appropriate limit to freedom of speech.

  64. Capitalism is the most just economic system.

  65. The best diplomatic measures are non-violent.

  66. Iron Man is the best comic book superhero.

  67. Childhood is the most meaningful part of one’s life.

  68. Violent revolutions can be morally valid.

  69. Typecasting is beneficial for the entertainment industry.

  70. Prudence ought to be valued above initiative.

  71. Appearance is more important than comfort.

  72. Public high schools should value student safety over student privacy.

  73. Modern art is bad.

  74. Inflation is desirable.

  75. In formal education freedom ought to be valued above structure.

  76. The American Revolutionary War was immoral.

  77. Music is more powerful than language.

  78. Socialism is dangerous.

  79. Politicians should value representation over principle.

  80. The United States is the greatest country in the world.

  81. Civil asset forfeiture is unjust.

  82. Democracy ought to take precedence over individual freedom.

  83. Lack of stress ought to be valued above career advancement.

  84. Mercy is more important than justice.

  85. Ignorance is bliss.

  86. The arts deserve public funding.

  87. The grass is greener on the other side.

  88. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  89. Lawyers are overpaid.

  90. In public settings decency should be valued over curiosity.

  91. Empiricism is the best way of discerning truth.

  92. It is better for animals to live in captivity than in the wild.

  93. Historical figures should be judged by modern ethical standards.

  94. Happiness ought to be valued above knowledge.

  95. Appearances of intelligence are more important than actual intelligence.

  96. Dogs are better than cats.

  97. A single expression of racism should be enough to bar someone from public office.

  98. Optimism is foolhardy.

  99. It is appropriate for governments to regulate acts of cultural appropriation.

  100. It is better to be happy than correct.

  101. Stand your ground laws are unjust.

  102. The term "undocumented immigrants" is better than "illegal immigrants".

  103. The elderly give the best advice.

  104. Human rights override any other governmental concern.

  105. Protection of the environment should be valued over development of natural resources.

  106. Romance makes people wiser.

  107. The most dangerous things look safe.

  108. Individual success is determined primarily by character.

  109. The most important technological innovation so far is the printing press.

  110. Social media has made us worse people.

  111. Society ought to provide for the basic needs of its citizens.

  112. Capitalism is an immoral system.

  113. Judicial activism is morally appropriate.

  114. Personality is more charming than appearance.

  115. Waterboarding is always immoral.

  116. Wealth equality is worth pursuing.

  117. Representative democracy is the best form of government.

  118. Pessimism is better than optimism.

  119. Government has no moral authority to enforce laws regarding victimless crimes.

  120. No news is good news.

  121. Better safe than sorry.

  122. It is better to conceal one’s knowledge than to reveal one’s ignorance.

  123. Cultural diversity ought to be valued over cultural unity.

  124. Guilt is worth cultivating.

  125. Batman would make a better president than Superman.

  126. It is better to lose one’s sight than to lose one’s hearing.

  127. Mercy has no place in a criminal justice system.

  128. Christmas is the best holiday.

  129. Welfare programs are immoral.

  130. Humility is the most important virtue.

  131. Nihilism is reasonable.

  132. Learning to read is more important than learning to speak.

  133. Multi-level marketing is unethical.

  134. Political unity is harmful.

  135. Diversity has intrinsic worth.

  136. In matters of citizenship, where you are born is more important than who you were born to.

  137. Freedom of religion ought to be valued above the public good.

  138. Sodium is more dangerous than sugar.

  139. The internet is more powerful than any weapon.

  140. Administrative agencies are too powerful.

  141. Overpopulation endangers us.

  142. We should be excited about the prospect of transhumanism.

  143. Voter ID laws are bad for democratic societies.

  144. Executive agencies have too much power.

  145. Personal freedom should be valued above equal opportunity.

  146. Greed is more dangerous than laziness.

  147. A high pain tolerance is a good thing.

  148. In iMessage read receipts are better left off.

  149. It is better to lose one’s hands than ones voice.

  150. Art education is at least as important as STEM education.

  151. Individuals have a moral obligation to serve the greater good.

  152. Chemistry is the most difficult science.

  153. Kombucha is the best drink.

  154. New Year’s Resolutions are counterproductive.

  155. Nuclear energy has more potential than green energy.

  156. Military conscription is immoral.

  157. Tolerance is desirable.

  158. The use of nuclear weapons is never justified.

  159. Corporations have a responsibility to society.

  160. Multi-level marketing is unethical.

  161. Political unity is harmful.

  162. Diversity has intrinsic worth.

  163. In matters of citizenship, where you are born is more important than who you were born to.

  164. Freedom of religion ought to be valued above the public good.

  165. Anthropology is undervalued.

  166. For-profit prisons are unjust.

  167. Some generations are better than others.

  168. Public surveillance ought to be prioritized above the right to privacy.

  169. Fiscal conservatism ought to be valued above any alternative.


  1. Fossil fuels will be obsolete in 50 years.

  2. An EMP would be worse than a nuke.

  3. In the next 20 years, a nuclear weapon will be used.

  4. In the United States, banning handguns would lower the homicide rate.

  5. Some eligible citizens shouldn’t vote.

  6. In America, patriotism is part of the problem.

  7. Morality and law can be separated.

  8. The future of currency is crypto.

  9. The war on terror is winnable.

  10. We are probably living in a simulation.

  11. Pollution is deadlier than poverty.

  12. The incumbent party will lose the House in the next midterm.

  13. A major conspiracy theory is true.

  14. By 2030 the US will no longer be the greatest world power.

  15. There will never be another world war.

  16. KORUS has done more harm than good.

  17. Automation will destroy America’s middle class.

  18. ISIS is no longer a credible threat.

  19. Television is on a path to extinction.

  20. Pluto is a planet.

  21. American welfare policies have increased poverty.

  22. Human effort is significantly harming the planet.

  23. Extra-terrestrial sentient life exists

  24. Democracies inevitably descend into tyranny.

  25. The consequences of an action determine their moral value.

  26. Humanitarian aid is effective.

  27. American politics will get more gridlocked in the future.

  28. Everyone is addicted to something.

  29. Falling in love is avoidable.

  30. Nike’s Kaepernick ad was good for the company.

  31. Roger Federer is the greatest men’s tennis player of all time.

  32. Brexit will significantly damage the British economy.

  33. World peace is attainable.

  34. Fair Trade hurts the poor.

  35. Artificial Super Intelligence will never appear in our lifetime.

  36. Kanye West will become president of the United States.

  37. Art can be measured objectively.

  38. The NCAA does more harm than good for student athletes.

  39. Jason Bourne would beat James Bond in a fair fight.

  40. Mankind is inherently good.

  41. Success as a student depends primarily on intelligence.

  42. Use of the words "Under God" by the US federal government is constitutional.

  43. Socialism is a functional socio-economic system.

  44. The United States is prepared for the next terrorist attack with the potential to kill or injure at least 10 people.

  45. Violent video games make otherwise peaceful people more likely to engage in violence.

  46. In 5 years there will be more movie releases with a total budget over $100 million than there are this year.

  47. SpaceX will succeed.

  48. In 100 years, the United States will still have a two-party system.

  49. Cryonic preservation is or soon will be a legitimate way to substantially increase the effective lifespan of humans.

  50. Love at first sight is a myth.

  51. Artificial intelligence is more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

  52. Separation of church and state is impossible.

  53. Fundraising is the most accurate predictor of electoral success.

  54. The mind is the sum of the behavior it produces.

  55. Moral quandaries will always be with us.

  56. Anything is possible with enough money.

  57. Strongly held beliefs destabilize society.

  58. Animals have unique personalities.

  59. Homelessness is the biggest social problem in the United States.

  60. Anyone can become a morning person.

  61. The gun crisis is overblown.

  62. NATO has outlived its usefulness.

  63. Immigration has had a negative impact on Central American nations.

  64. The United States is to blame for Haiti’s poverty.

  65. Biorisk is significantly underestimated.

  66. US politics are more polarized than they ever have been.

  67. Social Security will not survive the foreseeable future.

  68. The North Korean threat is overrated.

  69. Development aid to Africa has done more harm than good.

  70. The emperor has no clothes.

  71. Investigative journalism is dying.

  72. Fracking has done more harm than good.

  73. Cancer will be cured within the next ten years.

  74. Electric cars are the future.

  75. Electronic cigarettes have done more harm than good.

  76. Death is inevitable.

  77. In the next five years, humans will be on mars.

  78. Consciousness can be grasped.

  79. Truth can be known.

  80. Some things cannot be communicated with words.

  81. The postmodern age has ended.

  82. Nature defies comprehension.

  83. Humanity will eventually establish a colony on another planet.

  84. Alternative medicine causes more harm than good.

  85. ADHD is over-diagnosed.

  86. America is over-medicated.

  87. Google is the most powerful company in the world.

  88. Charter schools harm educational quality.

  89. Clothing is an accurate indicator of personality.

  90. A transformative new mobile device will be invented within 5 years.

  91. Minimum wage laws help workers.

  92. Affirmative action is beneficial for minorities.

  93. Children respond well to the use of physical force as discipline.

  94. Flag burning is a legitimate form of public protest.

  95. The United States Postal Service is superior to private sector alternatives.

  96. The European Union is beneficial for member nations.

  97. Prayer has substantial non-religous benefits.

  98. Nuclear war will never happen again.

  99. The sitting president will lose reelection.

  100. Taxation is theft.

  101. China will attack Taiwan within the next 10 years.

  102. North Korea will become significantly more free within the next 25 years.

  103. The universe is infinite.

  104. Self-driving cars are the future.

  105. Federal marijuana legalization would be good for the US economy.

  106. There is no such thing as an optimal tariff.

  107. Climate change is the greatest threat to our existence.

  108. Nuclear power is the future.

  109. The total human population will exceed 15 billion by the year 2218.

  110. The human population on Mars will exceed 5 million by the year 2218.

  111. A nuclear war will occur by the year 2218.

  112. An independent candidate will win the US presidential election within the next 20 years.

  113. The death penalty will one day be declared unconstitutional in the United States.

  114. Sugar is deadlier than nicotine.

  115. Violent media significantly increases violent tendencies in humans.

  116. The US criminal justice system contains significant racial bias.

  117. Water access is a human right.

  118. Wisconsin v. Yoder was wrongly decided.

  119. Music is the most powerful form of art.

  120. The press misleads the American people.

  121. An economic crisis is coming.

  122. Football will be significantly less popular in ten years.

  123. In the next five years, the student loan bubble will burst.

  124. The United States will one day outlaw combustion-engine vehicles.

  125. The Arab Spring did more harm than good.

  126. Neuralink will fail.

  127. State lotteries do more good than harm.

  128. The US political primary debates are counterproductive.

  129. The Enlightenment did more harm than good.

  130. Morality is cultural.

  131. E-Cigarettes do more harm than good.

  132. Marijuana is a gateway drug.

  133. Humans could live on Mars.

  134. Samsung’s folding phone will fail.

  135. America is modern Rome.

  136. Russia is the greatest world threat.

  137. You can form meaningful relationships over the internet.

  138. All memes will eventually die out.

  139. Undocumented immigration is good for the economy.

  140. The United States is not the world’s greatest power.


  1. The United States should abolish the federal minimum wage.

  2. Foreign leaders should apologize for historical atrocities of their country.

  3. Impeach the President.

  4. People should boycott zoos.

  5. Meditation should be taught in public schools.

  6. Twitter should restore Alex Jones.

  7. The Constitution should be amended.

  8. Racial slurs should be punishable by law.

  9. The US should abolish mandatory minimum sentences.

  10. The United Nations Security Council should be abolished.

  11. A lunar colony should be established.

  12. The United States Federal Government should ban all semi-automatic firearms.

  13. Salt consumption should be the next nutritional target.

  14. The Supreme Court should repeal Citizens United.

  15. Children under the age of 13 should not use social media.

  16. The Olympics should have a permanent location.

  17. There needs to be a corporate carbon tax system in the US.

  18. The United States Federal Government should privatize federal agency investigations.

  19. The judge should buy the newest Apple iPhone.

  20. All nuclear weapons should be dismantled.

  21. The United States should be significantly more like the United Kingdom.

  22. Mental health care law should be significantly reformed.

  23. United States online privacy law should be reformed.

  24. The legal system should be substantially more merciful.

  25. The war on drugs should be discontinued.

  26. A country should be invaded.

  27. The FDA should be abolished.

  28. The scientific community should focus its efforts on a certain science fiction technology.

  29. A world government should be established.

  30. Companies should randomly drug test employees.

  31. Adolescents should not play tackle football.

  32. Cryptocurrency should be banned.

  33. Higher education should significantly increase funding for student mental health services.

  34. The United States should significantly increase aid to Central America.

  35. The United Nations should withdraw peacekeeping forces from Cyprus.

  36. Congress should abolish the filibuster.

  37. The United States should ban plastic water bottles.

  38. Humans in developed countries should stop eating meat.

  39. Every competent United States citizen should be required to provide at least two years of military or civil service.

  40. Felons who have completed their sentences should be allowed to vote.

  41. Space should be colonized.

  42. The United States should be significantly less democratic.

  43. The International Criminal Court should be abolished.

  44. The electoral college should be replaced.

  45. Agricultural subsidies should be abolished.

  46. The current United States president should resign.

  47. The United Nations should be the most powerful governing body on earth.

  48. The United States Federal Government should significantly reduce its military strength.

  49. The United States Federal Government should significantly reform its policies regarding climate change.

  50. The United States should get rid of the penny.

  51. The United States should cut ties with Saudi Arabia.

  52. The United States Federal Government should significantly reform its disaster preparedness programs.

  53. The Department of Education should replace the FAFSA.

  54. The People’s Republic of China should cut all ties with North Korea.

  55. Bitcoin should be banned.

  56. Doctors should be allowed to prescribe any drug to their patients.

  57. All public schools should require student uniforms.

  58. The United States should place an age restriction on caffeinated beverages.

  59. A global language should be instituted.

  60. The drinking age should be lowered.

  61. Everyone should give to charity.

  62. A country should be declared a state sponsor of terrorism.

  63. The judge should delete their facebook account.

  64. The United States Federal Government should implement a form of single-payer healthcare.

  65. United States Supreme Court Justices should be elected by popular vote.

  66. The United States Federal Government should spend significantly less on counter-terrorism.

  67. India should significantly reform its monetary policy.

  68. The United States Federal Government should significantly increase its funding of Artificial Intelligence.

  69. The African Union should be disbanded.

  70. The United States should let in a significantly higher number of immigrants.

  71. Freedom of speech should be significantly expanded.

  72. Public high schools should significantly decrease funding for sports.

  73. The United States Federal Government should grant Puerto Rico Statehood.

  74. The United States Federal Government should significantly increase its investment toward nuclear energy.

  75. The board of a major company should fire their CEO.

  76. Oprah should run for president.

  77. Trust your eyes.

  78. Let’s conquer space.

  79. The United States Federal Government should tax junk foods.

  80. A member nation should leave the European Union.

  81. The United States Federal Government should abolish the federal income tax.

  82. The United States Federal Government should significantly reform its policy toward Native Americans.

  83. South Korea should significantly reform its policy toward North Korea.

  84. The British Government should significantly change its legislative system.

  85. The United States should outlaw plastic straws.

  86. A country should be sanctioned.

  87. Statutes of limitations should be abolished.

  88. The United States Federal Government should abolish social security.

  89. The age limitation on US presidential candidates should be removed.

  90. The United States should raise the driving age.

  91. Everyone should donate 10% of their income to a charitable cause.

  92. The Supreme Court should be significantly less powerful.

  93. Habeas Corups rights should be significantly reduced or abolished.

  94. Suspicion of terrorism should have no impact on whether due process is handled by the United States justice system.

  95. The United States should require at least one year of military training from every able-bodied adult male.

  96. The United States federal government should adopt a wage policy that promotes gender equality.

  97. Psychedelic drugs should be legalized for therapeutic use.

  98. The US Supreme Court should declare mandatory minimum sentences unconstitutional.

  99. The United States federal government should give education vouchers to homeschooling families.

  100. Universities should abolish academic tenure.

  101. The Federal Reserve should be significantly restructured.

  102. Walmart should raise its minimum wage.

  103. The international community should take action against the Russian government.

  104. Financial investing should be taught in high school.

  105. The United States Federal Government should significantly increase regulation on corporations.

  106. End Three Strikes laws.

  107. End the War on Terror.

  108. Political parties should be banned.

  109. The US tax code should be replaced with a single progressive tax.

  110. The United States Congress should implement term limits.

  111. The United States should ban plastic bags.

  112. The IMF and World Bank should be terminated.

  113. The United States should significantly restrict the ownership of firearms.

  114. The US should be significantly more isolationist.

  115. Due process should be overhauled.

  116. The US federal government should reform its policy toward veterans.

  117. The US should sanction Saudi Arabia.

  118. The US should take significant action against the nation of Venezuela.

  119. Verbal agreements should be legally enforceable.

  120. California should secede.

  121. One or more painkillers should be banned.

  122. A major world figure should be assassinated.

  123. Everyone should pray.

  124. The United States Federal Government should substantially limit the power of the Supreme Court.

  125. The United States should remove the religious exemption for vaccinations.

  126. The United States Federal Government should significantly bolster its military.

  127. Ban nicotine.

  128. African nations should significantly increase drug regulations.

  129. The United States Federal Government should repeal birthright citizenship.

  130. The European Union should be significantly restructured.

  131. The War on Drugs should be abandoned.

  132. A significant federal welfare program should be abolished.

  133. The number of justices on the Supreme Court should be increased.

  134. Electric scooters should be banned from public roads.

  135. Children under the age of 15 shouldn’t own smartphones.

  136. The United States should change its stance on the separation of church and state.

  137. The United States should change the age limit on e-cigarette purchases.

  138. A universal basic income should be implemented.

  139. YouTube should ban videos harmful to the general public.

  140. Oral contracts should be enforced.

  141. The United States Federal Government should significantly increase regulation of fast food companies.

  142. The United States should switch to the metric system.

  143. Coding should be taught in public high schools.

  144. The United States Federal Government should take military action against a nation.

  145. Sea World should free its whales.

  146. The United States should institute a legal duty to rescue.

  147. Television hosts should avoid interviewing psychics.

  148. Governments should suppress hate speech.

  149. The NCAA should allow student athletes to receive compensation.

  150. League of Legends should be an Olympic sport.


(Note: Scenario resolutions are usually just elaborate policy resolutions, since most end up suggesting a course of action.)

  1. It is July 11th 1804. You are American politician Alexander Hamilton. You have accepted Aaron Burr’s challenge to a lethal duel and are in the forest of Weehawken New Jersey facing your opponent. The countdown has begun. Resolved: Shoot the ground.

  2. The year is 2025. You are a computer scientist; the debaters are your friends and colleagues. You have created a machine with artificial intelligence capable of performing any intellectual task at least as well as a human. Your breakthrough puts you decades ahead of other researchers in this field. The machine must be connected to the internet to turn on. Resolved: Turn on the machine.

  3. The year is 1945. You are Mikhail Kalashnikov. You are in the early stages of development for what will become the AK-47. The debaters have time-travelled from the year 2018 to speak with you until the debate round ends. Resolved: Destroy your designs and abandon weapons development for life.

  4. You are sixteen years old. The nation of Panem has just subdued a rebellion and is holding its first-ever Hunger Games. You were randomly selected to represent District 11. You will enter the arena tomorrow in a battle royale against twenty- three other children. The Games will continue until there is one living contestant. The debaters are your friends from District 11; they have been allowed to visit you until the debate round ends. Resolved: Refuse to fight.

  5. You have just taken in an opera and exited by the alley. You are carrying a loaded pistol with a concealed carry permit. You see a mugger with his back turned to you. He is holding up the Wayne family at gunpoint. The debaters have travelled to you from an alternate universe pausing time for the duration of the debate. They know that if you do not intervene the parents will die and the young Bruce Wayne will grow up to become Batman. Resolved: Intervene to save the Wayne parents.

  6. The year is 1969 in an alternate timeline. You are United States President Richard Nixon. Since 1961, the United States Government has been trying to put a man on the moon. The head of the Apollo Program informs you that NASA will be unable to put a man on the moon in the foreseeable future. Resolved: Fake the moon landing.

  7. It is October 7th 2001. You are United States President George W. Bush. Nearly a month ago, terrorists carried out the deadliest foreign attacks ever perpetrated on U.S. soil, bombing the World Trade Center in New York City. Resolved: Launch Operation Enduring Freedom to begin the war in Afghanistan.

  8. This house is Spartacus. The year is 73 BC. Resolved: This house should not rebel.

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