15 Practice Debate Resolutions (#15)

15 resolutions to help you practice! Head over to our generator and vault to see even more.


  1. Multi-level marketing is unethical.

  2. Political unity is harmful.

  3. Diversity has intrinsic worth.

  4. In matters of citizenship, where you are born is more important than who you were born to.

  5. Freedom of religion ought to be valued above the public good.


  1. Water access is a human right.

  2. Wisconsin v. Yoder was wrongly decided.

  3. Music is the most powerful form of art.

  4. The press misleads the American people.

  5. An economic crisis is coming.


  1. Verbal agreements should be legally enforceable.

  2. California should secede.

  3. One or more painkillers should be banned.

  4. A major world figure should be assassinated.

  5. Everyone should pray.