30 Practice Debate Resolutions (#4)

We want you to practice every day. Here are the tools you need to make it happen! Ten resolutions of each type: fact, value, and policy. Check out Joseph’s post to review the differences between them.


  1. The highest duty of a citizen is to serve their country.

  2. Immigration is a human right.

  3. NASA should prioritize the Moon over Mars.

  4. Predictability is more important than novelty.

  5. Tony Stark is a villain.

  6. High taxation is a moral affront.

  7. Unwritten rules are good for baseball.

  8. Some situations morally require assassination.

  9. The Supreme Court of the United States holds too much power.

  10. Compassion ought to be valued over fairness.


  1. Nike’s Kaepernick ad was good for the company.

  2. Roger Federer is the greatest men’s tennis player of all time.

  3. Brexit will significantly damage the British economy.

  4. World peace is attainable.

  5. Fair Trade hurts the poor.

  6. Artificial Super Intelligence will never appear in our lifetime.

  7. Kanye West will become president of the United States.

  8. Art can be measured objectively.

  9. The NCAA does more harm than good for student athletes.

  10. Jason Bourne would beat James Bond in a fair fight.


  1. Companies should randomly drug-test employees.

  2. Adolescents should not play tackle football.

  3. Cryptocurrency should be banned.

  4. Higher education should significantly increase funding for student mental health services.

  5. The United States should significantly increase aid to Central America.

  6. The United Nations should withdraw peacekeeping forces from Cyprus.

  7. Jeff Sessions should resign.

  8. Congress should abolish the filibuster.

  9. The United States should ban plastic water bottles.

  10. Humans in developed countries should stop eating meat.