15 Practice Debate Resolutions (#14)


  1. Sodium is more dangerous than sugar.

  2. The internet is more powerful than any weapon.

  3. Administrative agencies are too powerful.

  4. Overpopulation endangers us.

  5. We should be excited about the prospect of transhumanism.


  1. Football will be significantly less popular in ten years.

  2. In the next five years, the student loan bubble will burst.

  3. The United States will one day outlaw combustion-engine vehicles.

  4. The Arab Spring did more harm than good.

  5. Neuralink will fail.


  1. The United States Federal Government should substantially limit the power of the Supreme Court.

  2. The United States should remove the religious exemption for vaccinations.

  3. The United States Federal Government should significantly bolster its military.

  4. Ban nicotine.

  5. African nations should significantly increase drug regulations.