Drew is Going to China.

Outside of Ace Peak, Joseph and I both live busy lives. At the University of Texas at Dallas, I am currently studying Global Business and International Political Economy, specializing in East Asian studies.

This summer, I’m headed to Nanjing China for two weeks on an exchange trip with nine other students and the Dean of Honors as part of an exchange program with Southeast University. Studying Chinese culture and languages has been a long-term goal of mine since high school, so I’m thrilled to have this opportunity.

Here’s What this Means for You.

I’ll be out of the country from May 25th-June 8th this summer. This will impact my availability at NITOC 2019 and for private coaching leading up to NCFCA Nationals.

For Stoa Students:

I’ll be walking with you all the way up until the last day of NITOC. I fly out of DFW at 7:30am on the final day of the tournament. While I am sad to miss the final rounds and awards ceremony, I’m already looking forward to tons of jubilant messages from all of you.

For NCFCA Students:

I will be in Nanjing during the National Championship. In order to ensure that I can serve my current students, after May 14th, I will not be accepting any new students for the end of the competitive season. Joseph will have availability from May 28 - June 1st. Book a session with him if you’re new to Ace Peak and want help preparing for Nationals.

I will still be able to coach my current private students in preparation for the National Championship. However, I will not be available for bookings on the website. All coaching times will be worked out through direct contact with me.

My cell service situation in China is still a big question mark and Skype/Facebook are unreliable due to the nation’s internet firewall. But I will have WiFi access, so I’ll likely be coaching through FaceTime. If you have iMessage, you’ll be able to contact me. If you don’t, email me and we’ll figure out a solution.

To my current students: if you want coaching for NCFCA Nationals, let me know ASAP so that I can begin planning. From there, we’ll work out time and logistics for coaching sessions.

I can’t wait to watch all of you knock Nationals out of the park. Let’s do this thing.