Hey Seattle! Ready for a Summer Camp?

Camp Thunderbolt Summer 2019 Dates.png

“Ace Peak’s Camp will change your debate career.” -Madison T.

Summer is the best time to kickstart your speech and debate season. Previously, Camp Thunderbolt has been a one to two coach endeavor, but this summer we’ll have all three Ace Peak coaches in full swing.

Two Camps in One

We take speech seriously. That’s why the first two days of camp will be dedicated to Individual Events. We’re excited for Leah to join us at camp: she’s won national titles in every category of speech and is well-prepared to show you how it’s done. After two days of speech, we will transition and focus on LD Value, Team Policy, and Parli debate.

The Ultimate Novice Experience

Brand new to speech and debate? Not a problem. We work with novices more than any other kind of student. You’ll learn everything you need to know at camp, and enter the season with an edge that other competitors just don’t have.

Early Birds Get the Worm

We’re offering early bird pricing for camp through June 15th. Be sure to sign up before then to get your registration at a discount!

You can check out all the camp information here. Drew, Leah, and I will see in August.