Hey Houston! Ready for a Summer Camp?

I’ve worked with dozens of students in Houston over the past year. They’ve all made demonstrable improvements, propelling Houston forward as a premier debate region.

Last weekend, I walked a select group of students through intensive drills, argumentation strategies, and advanced persuasive techniques. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “This is the best camp I have ever been to.” - Brennan S.

  • “This camp provided an amazing opportunity to work on tagging, speaking styles, and debate theory; the things students often can’t learn on their own.” - Michael W.

  • “This is the best camp around. Even experienced debaters can learn a lot of new stuff.” - Josiah G.

  • “As a first year debater, I feel SO much more prepared going into Regionals. Worth every cent.” - Luke C.

What’s the Plan?

Bigger and better. Last summer, I was the only coach to go to Houston. This year, Coach Joseph and I will be joined by assistant coach Sam Wooddell, the 2018 NITOC Team Policy Debate Champion. For 4 days, we’ll be coaching LD, TP, and Limited Prep students to the pinnacle of excellence.

Regardless of your experience or past work with us, you’ll learn more than you can imagine. No Ace Peak camp is the same. We cater our schedule to every individual student’s experience and reported strengths and weaknesses. As one of our students from a fall workshop said,

  • “This is my third time going to Ace Peak camps and they are so helpful and the coaches are very understanding. I learned so much.” - Phoebe S.

For more information and to register, click here.

Get ready to shatter your limits.