Drew is Going to China. Again.

Outside of Ace Peak, I’m a dedicated student at the University of Texas at Dallas studying Global Business and International Political Economy.

As a stepping stone in my long-term career plan, I am going to be spending the fall semester studying at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. SJTU is a phenomenal school and I’m beyond excited to continue my educational journey there.

How This Impacts Coaching

Due to the large time-zone difference between China and the US, my only coaching slots will be for times in the mornings and evenings. For example, 2pm in Texas time is 3am in Shanghai, so standard afternoon sessions won’t be available.

I Have One Request

As a precautionary measure, mention in your booking appointment if our coaching session will involve us discussing any of the following issues:

  • China

  • Taiwan

  • Hong Kong

  • North Korea

It won’t be a problem for me to discuss these topics under the right circumstances, I just need to ensure that I am somewhere private when doing so. Prior warning will be required. If those topics come up in a discussion and I was not told beforehand, I may neglect to discuss them in that session.

For now, I have regular coaching availability through September 2nd. I’ll be unavailable September 2nd-9th, after which my coaching availability will adapt to my schedule in China. Once I return to Dallas mid-January, everything will be back to normal again.

I might be 7,500 miles away, but nothing will stop me from coaching. I’m so excited to start this season with each and every one of you.

Let’s take it by storm. 🧠⚡️