30 Practice Debate Resolutions (#7)

Practice is how you get better. Here’s a list of resolutions to use, of varying difficulties, divided by value, fact, and policy.


  1. Prudence ought to be valued above initiative.

  2. Appearance is more important than comfort.

  3. Public high schools should value student safety over student privacy.

  4. Modern art is bad.

  5. Inflation is desirable.

  6. In formal education, freedom ought to be valued above structure.

  7. The American Revolutionary War was immoral.

  8. Music is more powerful than language.

  9. Socialism is dangerous.

  10. Politicians should value representation over principle.


  1. Homelessness is the biggest social problem in the United States.

  2. Anyone can become a morning person.

  3. The gun crisis is overblown.

  4. NATO has outlived its usefulness.

  5. Bernie Sanders is the best choice for Democrats to win in 2020.

  6. Immigration has had a negative impact on Central American nations.

  7. The United States is to blame for Haiti’s poverty.

  8. Biorisk is significantly underestimated.

  9. US politics are more polarized than they ever have been.

  10. Social Security will not survive the foreseeable future.


  1. A global language should be instituted.

  2. The drinking age should be lowered.

  3. Everyone should give to charity.

  4. A country should be declared a state sponsor of terrorism.

  5. The judge should delete their facebook account.

  6. The United States Federal Government should implement a form of single-payer healthcare.

  7. United States Supreme Court Justices should be elected by popular vote.

  8. The United States Federal Government should spend significantly less on counter terrorism.

  9. India should significantly reform its monetary policy.

  10. The United States Federal Government should significantly increase its funding of Artificial Intelligence.