30 Practice Debate Resolutions (#6)

As always, this list is organized by value, fact, and policy topics.


  1. The Chinese government ought to value environmental protection over economic growth.

  2. Aristotle was the greatest philosopher of all time.

  3. Signature drone strikes are immoral.

  4. Widely accepted moral standards are an appropriate limit to freedom of speech.

  5. Capitalism is the most just economic system.

  6. The best diplomatic measures are non-violent.

  7. Iron Man is the best comic book superhero.

  8. Childhood is the most meaningful part of one’s life.

  9. Violent revolutions can be morally valid.

  10. Typecasting is beneficial for the entertainment industry.


  1. Love at first sight is a myth.

  2. Artificial intelligence is more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

  3. Separation of church and state is impossible.

  4. Fundraising is the most accurate indicator of political success.

  5. The mind is the sum of the behavior it produces.

  6. Moral quandaries will always be with us.

  7. Extra-terrestrial sentient life exists.

  8. Anything is possible with enough money.

  9. Strongly held beliefs destabilize society.

  10. Animals have unique personalities.


  1. The United States Federal Government should significantly reform its policy regarding climate change.

  2. The United States should get rid of the penny.

  3. The United States should cut ties with Saudi Arabia.

  4. The United States Federal Government should significantly reform its disaster preparedness programs.

  5. The Department of Education should replace the FAFSA.

  6. The People’s Republic of China should cut all ties with North Korea.

  7. Bitcoin should be banned.

  8. Doctors should be allowed to prescribe any drug to their patients.

  9. All public schools should require student uniforms.

  10. The US should should place an age restriction on caffeinated beverages.