30 Practice Debate Resolutions (#5)

Here’s the 5th installment of our resolution list, divided by value, fact, and policy. Review the definitions here.


  1. The criminal justice system should always consider defendants innocent until proven guilty.

  2. The purpose of government is to enforce moral law.

  3. Public safety emergencies justify temporary suspension of due process.

  4. Spiderman is a bad role model.

  5. Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete in US history.

  6. Genetic engineering of humans is morally acceptable.

  7. Governments ought to protect citizens from themselves.

  8. Governments have a moral obligation to limit wealth disparity among its citizens.

  9. Animal rights are a moral imperative.

  10. Excess is always immoral.


  1. Mankind is inherently good.

  2. Success as a student depends primarily on intelligence.

  3. Use of the words “Under God” by the US federal government is constitutional.

  4. Socialism is a functional socio-economic system.

  5. The United States is prepared for the next terrorist attack which will kill or injure at least 10 people.

  6. Violent video games make otherwise peaceful players more likely to engage in violence.

  7. In 5 years, there will be more movie releases with a total budget over $100 million than there are this year.

  8. SpaceX will succeed.

  9. In 100 years, the United States will still have a two-party system.

  10. Cryonic preservation is or will soon be a legitimate way to substantially increase the effective lifespan of humans.


  1. Every competent United States citizen should be required to provide at least two years of military or civil service.

  2. Felons who have paid their debt to society should be allowed to vote.

  3. Space should be colonized.

  4. The United States should be significantly less democratic.

  5. The International Criminal Court should be abolished.

  6. The electoral college should be replaced.

  7. Agricultural subsidies should be abolished.

  8. The current United States president should resign.

  9. The United Nations should be the most powerful governing body on earth.

  10. The United States Federal Government should significantly reduce its military strength.