30 Practice Debate Resolutions (#3)

You know the drill. Here are 30 new resolutions: use them for your next practice parli round!


  1. The most valuable character trait is honesty.

  2. The use of Native Americans as athletic mascots is immoral.

  3. The use of deadly force in the defense of one’s household is morally acceptable.

  4. Big government is beneficial.

  5. Superstition can be a useful tool for decision making.

  6. Abraham Lincoln was the best United States president ever.

  7. The use of military conscription for non-defensive wars can be justified.

  8. Life is of secondary importance.

  9. Charity is a moral obligation.

  10. A government’s popularity determines its legitimacy.


  1. American welfare policies have increased poverty.

  2. Human effort is significantly harming the planet.

  3. Extra-terrestrial sentient life exists.

  4. Democracies inevitably descend into tyranny.

  5. The consequences of an action determine their moral value.

  6. Humanitarian aid is effective.

  7. The War on Terror is unwinnable.

  8. American politics will get more gridlocked in the future.

  9. Everyone is addicted to something.

  10. Falling in love is avoidable.


  1. All nuclear weapons should be dismantled.

  2. The Unites States should be significantly more like the United Kingdom.

  3. Mental health care law should be significantly reformed.

  4. United States online privacy law should be reformed.

  5. The legal system should be substantially more merciful.

  6. The war on drugs should be discontinued.

  7. A country should be invaded.

  8. The Food and Drug Administration should be abolished.

  9. The scientific community should be focus its efforts on a certain science fiction technology.

  10. A world government should be established.