30 Practice Debate Resolutions (#2)

We’re back with a fresh set of topics. Once again, the list is divided into value, fact, and policy. Brush up on the difference between those three here.


  1. In political leadership, character is more important than policy.

  2. Banning white supremacists from speaking at universities is inappropriate.

  3. Philosophy is more important than science.

  4. Genetic testing is desirable.

  5. America cares too much about sports.

  6. Banning major news networks from White House press conferences is inappropriate.

  7. Torture is never justified.

  8. Belief in Santa Claus hurts kids.

  9. Factory farming is immoral.

  10. College is overrated.


  1. Pollution is deadlier than poverty.

  2. The Democratic Party will win the house in 2018.

  3. A major conspiracy theory is true.

  4. By 2030, the US will no longer be the greatest world power.

  5. There will never be another world war.

  6. KORUS has done more harm than good.

  7. Automation will destroy the middle class in America.

  8. ISIS is no longer a credible threat.

  9. Television is on a path to extinction.

  10. Pluto is a planet.


  1. It’s time for a lunar colony.

  2. The USFG should ban all semi-automatic firearms.

  3. Donald Trump should be impeached.

  4. Salt consumption should be the next nutritional target.

  5. The Supreme Court should repeal Citizens United.

  6. Children under the age of 13 should not use social media.

  7. The Olympics should have a permanent location.

  8. There needs to be a corporate “carbon tax” system in the U.S.

  9. The USFG should privatize federal agency investigations.

  10. The judge should buy one of Apple’s new iPhones.