30 Practice Debate Resolutions (#12)

We out here. Here are 30 new resolutions, as always divided by value, fact, and policy.


  1. In public settings, decency should be valued over curiosity.

  2. Empiricism is the best way of discerning truth.

  3. It is better for animals to live in captivity than in the wild.

  4. Historical figures should be judged by modern ethical standards.

  5. Happiness ought to be valued over knowledge.

  6. Appearances of intelligence are more important than actual intelligence.

  7. Dogs are better than cats.

  8. A single expression of racism should be enough to bar someone from public office.

  9. Optimism is foolhardy.

  10. It is appropriate for governments to regulate acts of cultural appropriation.


  1. Consciousness can be grasped.

  2. Truth can be known.

  3. Some things cannot be communicated with words.

  4. The postmodern age has ended.

  5. Nature defies comprehension.

  6. Humanity will eventually establish a colony on another planet.

  7. Alternative medicine causes more harm than good.

  8. ADHD is over-diagnosed.

  9. America is over-medicated.

  10. Google is the most powerful company in the world.


  1. Trust your eyes.

  2. Let’s conquer space.

  3. The United States Federal Government should tax junk foods.

  4. A member nation should leave the European Union.

  5. The United States Federal Government should abolish the income tax.

  6. The United States Federal Government should significantly reform its policy toward Native Americans.

  7. South Korea should significantly reform its policy toward North Korea.

  8. The British Government should significantly change its legislative system.

  9. The United States should outlaw plastic straws.

  10. A country should be sanctioned.