12 Parli Resolutions from Rising Eagles Autumnfest

I was asked to write the parli resolutions for last week’s Rising Eagles Autumnfest tournament in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. The tournament staff asked for 9 resolutions to choose from for prelims (meaning that not all of them were used at the tournament) and 3 scenario resolutions for finals. Here they are for practice and reference.


The United States Congress should implement term limits.

The United States should ban plastic bags.

Batman would make a better president than Superman.

The IMF & World Bank should be terminated.

Morality is an appropriate framework for lawmaking.

The United States should significantly restrict the ownership of firearms.

Nuclear power is the future.

It is better to lose one’s sight than to lose one’s hearing.

Mercy has no place in a criminal justice system.


It is October 7th 2001. You are United States President George W. Bush. Nearly a month ago, terrorists carried out the deadliest foreign attacks ever perpetrated on U.S. soil, bombing the World Trade Center in New York City. Resolved: Launch Operation Enduring Freedom to begin the war in Afghanistan.

It is July 11th 1804. You are American politician Alexander Hamilton. You have accepted Aaron Burr’s challenge to a lethal duel and are in the forest of Weehawken New Jersey, facing your opponent. The countdown has begun. Resolved: Shoot the ground.

The year is 1969 in an alternate timeline. You are United States President Richard Nixon. Since 1961, the United States Government has been trying to put a man on the moon. Endless resources have been invested toward this outcome. The head of the Apollo Program informs you that NASA will be unable to put a man on the moon in the foreseeable future. Resolved: Fake the moon landing.

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