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Head Coach:

Joseph Abell

Joseph was the only student in high school history to win the National Championship in multiple leagues. Today, he’s raising the next generation of brilliant competitors.

With a vision of life after high-school, character development is at the heart of Joseph’s coaching. Through every meeting, Joseph trains students to become the best version of themselves.


Associate Coach:

Drew Magness

Drew was handpicked to join Ace Peak. He was one of Joseph's most dedicated students, and finished his career with record-shattering performances. At the end of it, Drew won 6 different national titles and was ranked online as the #1 competitor out of over 1800 students.

Now, Drew is bringing his excellence to students all across the nation.


Together, we guide you through the Ace Peak Method: a step-by-step process of speech and debate mastery.

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The Ace Peak Method