The Ace Peak Team


Head Coach:
Joseph Abell

As the founder of Ace Peak, Joseph has coached for thousands of hours at the highest level. His theory and strategy are now accepted as standard across the country.

Joseph pushes his students to redefine their best. The results: they have won 20 national championships, entered prestigious universities, and set new records for competitive excellence.

  • Recommended for: Experienced students.

  • Certified for: Everything.

Associate Coach:
Drew Magness

Drew never rests in his search for a better strategy. He knows that in a high-stakes round, every word must be used to build an advantage. His mastermind grasp of competition powered the most dominant run in history: 6 national championships in a single season.

Now, he's helping students write their own winning playbooks. 

  • Specialties: LD, TP, Parli, Moot Court, Limited Preps, Platforms.

  • Also certified for: Model Congress, Mock trial, Public Forum.


Headshot Edited copy.jpg

Associate Coach:
Leah Busler

Leah is the only competitor ever to win national titles in every speech category. Her deep appreciation for the unique allowed her to adapt and excel in any environment.

Now, she's bringing that passion to developing the unique strengths of her students.

  • Specialties: Interp, Mars Hill, Apologetics.

  • Also certified for: TP, all speech events.

Associate Coach:
Sam Wooddell

In his final season, Sam achieved a string of tournament wins culminating in a national championship.  Sam's wins looked effortless because he knows how to execute a fundamentally strong speech every time he stands up.

Now, he's sharing these universal principles with his students.

  • Specialty: TP.

  • Also certified for: Parli, Extemp.

Sam Headshot FINAL.png

Jacob Boehm Headshot.jpg

Associate Coach:
Jacob Boehm

With roughly a decade of forensic experience, Jacob has assembled a diverse array of accolades among the NSDA, the NCFL, and the NYSFL. Jacob continues to compete in college as he guides competitors in public and private school leagues. His students have already taken advantage of his vast expertise to win championships of their own.

Jacob has seen it all, and he knows exactly what you need to excel.

  • Specialties: Public Forum, British Parli, Model Congress.

  • Also certified for: American Parli, Platform.