How Coaching Works

Most students come to us for one of two reasons: they don’t have access to top-level coaching in their area, or they have hit a “glass ceiling”: a 65% win rate that they just can’t seem to exceed no matter how hard they work. Our techniques turn novices into competitors, and seasoned speakers into titans.

Get Started in 5 Minutes

All you need is the free calling app Skype. Schedule a time that works for you and log on 5 minutes before the session. It's that simple.

If you have a case or script you’re working on, we can get started with that. If not, don’t worry! There’s plenty to do that doesn’t require it. Many clients get started before the upcoming resolution is even announced.

If you’re doing a memorized speech event, a webcam will be helpful. In a pinch, you can Skype from a phone or tablet and use the built-in camera.

The Only Speaking Coach You'll Ever Need

Lincoln-Douglas Value Debate

Value theory doesn’t have to be confusing. Learn robust philosophical debate, and leverage the unique format of Lincoln-Douglas in ways that capture the mind and heart of your judge.

Team Policy Debate

Learn how to construct lethal, elegantly simple cases built on a foundation of compelling evidence. Develop negative strategies that seize control of the round, and practice cross-examination techniques that expose devastating holes in opposing positions.

Parliamentary Debate

Master all three theory ecosystems (policy, value, and fact). Learn how to maximize prep time so you and your partner converge on the strongest possible case. Develop a powerful relationship with your audience. Pose points of information that stop an opponent’s momentum cold.

Speech Events

Captivate and entertain your audience with your platform speech. Craft a performance the judges will never forget. Deliver limited preparation speeches that consistently stand out from the crowd.

Non-competitive Speaking

You don’t have to be in a competition to benefit from expert coaching. I've helped people with wedding toasts, sales pitches, college presentations, even preparing for difficult conversations with relatives.

Coaching as Unique as You Are

The beauty of online coaching: it's personal. Sessions are different for everyone. Instead of following a set curriculum, we help you identify your next step to improve and give you the tools to get there.

A typical two-hour debate session emphasizes bringing your cases and theory understanding to a high level, then developing your persuasive ability to speak directly to the mind of the audience.

A typical one-hour speech session involves the performance of a speech followed by critiques and practice.

We use the Ace Peak Method: a powerful 5-tier paradigm that can bring anyone to the next level of excellence. We love it when students ask questions. Some follow our lead; others start the session with a forecast of what they want to go over. Either way works great!

The Ultimate Novice Experience

Most competitors endure years of frustration because they don’t have good answers to critical questions. They develop crutches that get them through rounds but ultimately hold them back. Then they have to unlearn those crutches before they can advance to top-level speaking. We offer the premium novice experience: the right answers to any question, presented at your own pace in a manner that has carried dozens of other novices to incredible success in their first year. Our novice clients regularly qualify for and even place at national tournaments.

Unlock your Full Potential

Most of our clients have a few years of experience and feel "stuck." No matter how hard they work or what strategies they try, they can’t consistently perform better. We can take your speaking to the next level and unlock a professional level win rate of 80% or higher. Our strategies have been studied for years and have carried many to national championships. Get the edge you need to succeed!

Expert Training for One - or Many

You’re free to invite anyone to your sessions for no extra charge. They can be added to the call from home or they can join you in person. That goes for debate partners, club mates, friends, clowns … you name it. Just be warned: more people means less personal. If there are more than four people in the session, the dynamic tends to shift from direct coaching to a lecture format.

We Take Privacy Seriously

Ace Peak will never send you unsolicited emails or share your information. Details of your sessions are kept strictly confidential. End of story.

A Schedule that Works for You

Scheduling is completely automated in our booking system. Easily reserve times - even weeks in advance. If you need to reschedule, click the button in the confirmation email within 24 hours of the session.

You have complete control over how often you want to meet. Most students will do one session per week: one hour for speech, or two hours for debate. Try to develop a regular schedule so we can establish a strong coaching relationship. The more consistently we meet, the better – so for example, it’s better to do an hour every week than two hours every other week. Many students clients meet consistently for several years and are rewarded with a strong coaching relationship and life-changing personal growth.

We do not guarantee make-up times for missed sessions. Sessions are pre-paid because you are reserving our availability for the time you select. Whether or not you show up, I'm giving that time to you – time we could have spent with a different student. Thus we reserve personal discretion for rescheduling and do not offer refunds.

Don’t let that frighten you, though. We want you to be happy and we know that life is unpredictable. If something goes wrong, we'll do our best to find a solution.

How to Think, not What to Think

Our aim is not indoctrination; quite the opposite. Rather than pushing our political or religious views, we help our clients better understand and defend what they believe. We happily coach people from a wide range of backgrounds and world-views, and we're not afraid to learn from our students. As long as you love the truth and know how to pursue it, the rest will follow.

We fully defer to parents as spiritual guides for their children.

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